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  1. Welcome Back!

    Even our resident guinea pig Nibbles is happy to be back at school.

  2. Upendo Academy – one week musings

    We have been in Usa River for a little more than a week now, spending every day but two at Upendo School, which is a private pre-primary and primary school with an enrollment of over 200 children. The three Montessori … Continue reading

  3. Tanzania!

    This post has very little news, because it’s been a long day and I need to get to bed to be ready to work at Upendo Academy tomorrow bright and early, but I wanted to share one of my photos … Continue reading

  4. Upendo Montessori

    Upendo Montessori in Tanzania Here is a link to information about Upendo Montessori in Tanzania. Thank you Children’s Garden families, teachers and board members for an enthusiastic send-off as I prepare to accompany Betsy Hoke to Tanzania on Monday. I … Continue reading

  5. A Snowy Valentine’s Day

    Children’s Garden celebrates holidays in a low-key way, and I know that because I talk to teachers from other schools.  There was a lot of pink here today for sure, and flowers were delivered, and cupcakes were baked.  Mothers spent time … Continue reading

  6. A Visit from a Pilot!


  7. A Visit From a Flutist!

    This morning we had a visit from a mother who is a flutist.  She played a small part of The Nutcracker Suite, by Tchaikovsky.  The children were entranced!  And yesterday, the whole school was filled with the fragrance of potato … Continue reading

  8. A Mother’s Day Message from the Children and Nature Network

    About the Author Suz Lipman has more than 25 years experience as a writer, editor, social media manager, community builder, and advocate for getting children into nature. Suz serves as Social Media Director for the Children & Nature Network. By … Continue reading

  9. Earth Week

    “Solicitous care for living things affords satisfaction to one of the most lively instincts of the child’s mind.  Nothing is better calculated than this to awaken an attitude of foresight. Maria Montessori Maria Montessori was primarily a city dweller.  She … Continue reading

  10. Parent – Teacher Conferences

    Tomorrow and Monday are special days at Children’s Garden, filled with a sense of excitement that comes with close communication and simply a break in the normal schedule.  Teachers dress up a bit more than usual, and the classrooms stay … Continue reading

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